How to Prevent Bunions

How to Prevent BunionsBunions are painful and unattractive. No one wants to deal with them, which is why anyone who has experienced this common foot condition wants to know how to prevent them.

About Bunions

23% of people ages 18 to 65 years and 36% of people over 65 years old suffer from bunions. These bony bumps on the feet usually go away on their own but may require surgery if they become too large and painful.

Bunions can make it difficult to wear certain shoes and engage in any physical activities that require you to run or walk. It can be quite disabling, especially if your work requires you to be on their feet.

Best Ways to Prevent Bunions

Bunions can be prevented. They are usually caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes for long periods of time on a consistent basis. This is why it’s important to always wear comfortable shoes on a regular basis.

Bunions are caused by pressure. When shoes constrict the foot too much for too long, a bony bump develops because the foot believes there is some threat.
This means high heels are a major culprit in causing this foot condition. This can be quite devastating to those who wear them daily to work, but it’s a common consequences of wearing such constrictive footwear.

Wide toe box shoes are the best way to prevent bunions. They may not be as fashionable as heels or dress shoes, but they will be better for your feet.

The toe box isn’t all you need to worry about when looking for shoes that fit. You need to also pay attention to the heel and arch of the shoe. They should conform to your foot and feel comfortable when you walk around. You should be able to move your foot around in the shoe a little, not a lot. If you can’t move your foot in the shoe, it may be too tight for you, which means you’ll need to go up one half size.

An additional tip when shopping for shoes is to wait until the end of the day. Your feet will be slightly larger then, so you know whatever shoes you purchase won’t be too small.

What to Do to Alleviate Bunion Pain

Now you know what to do to prevent bunions. If you’re still dealing with one, you can do the following to help it go away as quickly as possible.

  • Look for over-the-counter bunion pads. You can tape them on your foot and this will not only heal the bunion but relieve the pain.
  • Take pain medications. You can take acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen sodium for pain relief while the bunion heels.
  • Use shoe inserts. These inserts can help distribute pressure on your feet. This will take away the stress on the bony bumps and help it heal faster.
  • Use ice. If the bunions are red and inflamed, apply some ice to them. This will help reduce the swelling and soreness.

If you’ve been dealing with a stubborn bunion for a long time and it affects your daily activities, it’s time to contact a podiatrist.
Contact Dr. Ken Dennis for Bunion Relief.

Our team of podiatrists can help you with your bunion(s). After examination, we will recommend an effective treatment to get rid of them as soon as possible. For more information about scheduling an appointment with one of our podiatrists in Houston contact Dr. Ken Dennis at (281) 469-2676 or click here to send us a message.

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